I am a Research Scientist at Disney Research, where I lead the Narrative Intelligence Group. Previously, I worked as a postdoc with Leon Sigal and Jill Lehman. In 2014, I obtained my Ph.D. degree from Georgia Institute of Technology, working with Mark Riedl. My office is located at the Collaborative Innovation Center on the Carnegie Mellon University campus [MAP].

My general research interest lies in Computational Narrative Intelligence, which aims to create intelligent machines that can understand, author, present, administer, and produce appropriate responses to various forms of narratives, in order to entertain, educate and communicate. More specifically, my current research directions include

  1. Story understanding, which ranges from micro-analysis of events and characters to macro-analysis of story structure and quality.
  2. Practical story generation and support for interactive fictions, primarily with an automated planning approach.
  3. The combination of story generation and story understanding. One cannot understand a story well without the ability to predict (to an extent) what is next, and one cannot generate a story well without the ability to evaluate it.
  4. Providing computational assistance to human story writers and storytellers.
  5. Other research ideas that are beneficial to the Walt Disney Company.

[Open Positions] I am hiring a postdoc to work on natural language with a focus on event semantics and an intern for video game analytics with a focus on Monte Carlo tree search or reinforcement learning. Ideal candidates think out of the box and communicate effectively. The primary responsibility for both positions is to conduct cutting-edge research and publish the results. Both positions can start any time of the year. Please send me your CV.

moc.hcraeseryensid@il.trebla :liamE

Research Areas

Story Understanding

Acquiring Narrative Intelligence

Story Generation

Narrative and Cognition